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What We Do

​​CYA Team LLC started in 2001. Cover Your Assets Web Management’s robust service programs include everything you need to drive higher rankings on major search engines and online directories, engage your target audience and track your online reputation, with flat-rate pricing that makes it easy to stay within budget.

We offer service for Search engine optimization, (SEO), Website development and optimization, video and video email marketing.

​Here is what our Web Management Program Does for You:

1) Secures Organic Search Results

Businesses pay an incredible amount of money for the ‘paid’ advertising results shown at the top of search engine pages

But customers aren’t fooled they know these are targeted ads, and often don’t offer what the customer is looking for

CYA Team focuses instead on securing ‘organic positions’ within the search engine results positioning your business where consumers are actually looking

 Why spend more for advertising most consumers don’t even read?

2) Builds Online Profile Pages

CYA Team creates custom business profile pages featuring your company’s contact and product information

These pages serve as “doorways” to your website while at the same time expanding your footprint on search engines, and moving you closer to message domination

These individual pages capture multiple, unique slots within search engine results – all reflecting your company’s information!

3) Manages Your Online Reputation

The CYA Team system monitors what your customers are saying about you on search engine review sites and chat boards

CYA Team's customer engagement tools help you with securing positive customer reviews

4) Gets You on the Map

We Know Your Business Is Amazing,
Let Us Get It On The Maps!

 We list your business as a pinpoint on key search maps and GPS systems

These maps, often accessed by customers using smart phones, can drive greater visibility, and visits, for your company

5) Fueling Your Online Presence from Anywhere with QR Codes

 QR codes are great additions to advertising, print, and website collateral – with one scan, they instantly steer customers to the messages you want to share

When customers scan them  – search engines recognize the visit – and you get higher rankings for your business page

CYA Team-Social
6) Strengthens Your Online Presence with Social Media Tools

 CYA Team's social media tools help your fans and followers spread the word about your business

 We build Facebook® Blogger® and Google+® pages for your business that increase the ranking of your profile pages

 With these social media tools, you can share stories, special offers, and content with your customer fanbase

CYA Team Coupons
7) Helps You Drive Revenue by Distributing Special Offers

 We give you all the tools you need to build custom coupons for your business and share them with your customers

CYA Team Video System

Record and send personalized videos direct to your target audiencE.

 With these tools, you can give prospective clients an incentive to pay a visit to your business

 Or – reward loyal customers with more reasons to return – increasing your total sales

Our pricing is customized for your needs!

Contact us for a quote now.